TopTalent from Australia

Jason Argyridakis-Australia

Jason Argyridakis Age:13 Drummer 3.5 years at jumbonote music school Drummer of band "symphony 5" Drummer in school band Performed at Blue Guitar project as a drummer. Self taught bassist for a year. Co -wrote the original song "Listen to me" with nicola (Nikki Karas) 

Nikki Karas-Australia

Young Talent-Worldwide

Info : Nikki Karas is a youth ambassador for the Phoenix Rising Foundation in Australia and is part of the Phoenix Singing Troupe. Nicola’s portfolio includes dance,theatre acting and singing and performing is her passion.Nicola is currently attending The Australian Performing Arts Grammar School in Broadway in Sydney,Australia. Nicola writes music in her spare time !

Kirsten Stefanek - Canada

Canada 15 yr old singer/songwriter, interior design & fashion, animal whisperer, outdoor nature girl 🍁 Hands of Grace 2017 💜 Follow on YouTube, Instagram, Whoozl 🎧 Ontario, Canada CREDITS & THANKS: The Bird Loft Artist Development thebirdloftschoolofvoice/ Executive Producer/Project Manager: Roberta Michele In-Studio Vocal Coaching/Production: Roberta Michele Vocal School: The Bird Loft School Of Voice, Oshawa, Ontario Canada Production/Mixing/Mastering: Adam Newcomb Recorded At: Newcomb Studios, Cobourg, Ontario Canada​ ​ ​Song Arrangement: Roberta Michele​ Instruments Performed and Programmed by: Adam Newcomb Background Vocals And Background Vocal Arrangements: Roberta Michele Videography: Cole Hardy Makeup Artist: Stephanie Koktan​​ Shooting Location: Fawks Nest, Uxbridge,