JAM-TAKO from JAPAN Also on The Global Connectivity-Vol.2

ReMix-2018 Jam-Tako

European Promotions by: Hans 'Tiger' Smits


About JAM-TAKO’s Biography: JAM-TAKO was formed in Tokyo Japan 2002. Members are Jun, Akane, and Miki. all were the same highschool. In the beginning, started to play R&R, Blues, R&B, Folk, Country, &c, then performed the live show in Tokyo many times. At 2005, released the first original album titled HEAVEN KNOWS. Continuing the second CALLING、the Ⅲ、the 4th And on October 2017, complete the 5th FLAME OF LOVE. Now the band is doing our new recording in Tokyo JP, jam up playing and recording just R&R. JAM-TAKO are Akane: Vocal. Jun: Drums and Back vocal. Play also the Guitar and Bass on recording. Miki:Keybord and Back vocal.