Seven and Counting

Seven and Counting: Our story
rock, country-rock, gospel-blues, folk-rock, soul-rock...
Yes, it sounds silly written like this, the line above... But if you take a few moments and listen to our demo takes or clips, you’ll probably come to the same conclusion: Our music is a mixture of different genres and influences, most likely because we are an eight-members band and every one of us brought something on his/her own. With rock music as a foundation, we place layers of compatible styles and our sound is sometimes more bluesy or pop, or country but, basically, it all comes down to R’n’R! It’s like a pizza, actually. No matter what you put on it, pizza is always pizza... :-)
Feel free to listen, comment, write or whatever... Our journey has just begun and there’s only a couple of uploads so far. But we’re working on our songs as much as we can and we’ll share it with you whenever we are satisfied with recorded material.
Stay tuned and have a great day!


Seven and Counting (LIVE)from Croatia! Love them!