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Scottisch TOUR-2019

The Underground Vault Band - LIVE

The Underground Vault Band-Great Band from the UK ! TIP!

Bio 'The Underground Vault'


The Underground Vault is a London rock band that even at this early stage in the bands life are creating huge pulses through the industry and are steadily becoming one of the UKs top live rock bands. 
With our first EP "Dawnbreaker" on Spotify, iTunes and all major platforms it put the band on the map and the bands popularity began to grow, we are about to release our follow up EP "in the water" on 15/09/2018 on all major platforms.
Our main musical influences are Hendrix, cream, Paul Weller, oasis, Clapton etc
Blair "misty" dollery..lead guitar/vocals/frontman
Jamie dove...guitar
Pete sadler...bass guitar
Dan "milky" young...drums